Streaming Analytics at the Edge With CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline

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Today PSSC Labs launched the CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline for streaming analytics on the edge. The CyberRax DataFlow Pipeline platform is designed in conjunction with Cloudera to deliver an on-premise, turnkey environment for all your data streaming needs. Certified compatible with Cloudera Dataflow (and Apache NiFi), CyberRax DataFlow Pipeline provides high-speed data ingestion, edge data collection, and IoT scale streaming data processing…in real time.

The ability to ingest, transform and analyze data at the edge is the new IT frontier. Data processing has become increasingly complicated for many organizations, and this rings particularly true for organizations that find themselves constantly dealing with large influxes of data. Not only can those influxes be time-consuming and difficult to manage, but more often than not, that data needs to be processed, analyzed, and delivered to employees with real-time access. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have the resources to do this and the solutions they implement in an attempt to get their data into the right hands often fall short.

Fortunately there is an answer. NSA developers released an open source version of their “Niagrafiles” application to the Apache project and dubbed it “NiFi”. NiFi is a simple tool to automate the flow of data between systems. NiFi offers organizations a real-time, fault-tolerant platform to process millions of transactions per second.

Organizations can now identify key patterns, compare against existing models, and potentially solve problems before they even occur. As with many successful open source projects, NiFi is now available as a commercially supported offering by Cloudera, called Cloudera Data Flow (CDF). CDF includes all of the open source features of NiFi including data governance, integration with other tools including Cloudera’s HDP Data Platform, Apache Ranger for security, and Apache Kafka for streaming data.

Our mission at PSSC Labs is to provide organizations with the equipment and means that they need in order to succeed. That’s why we created our purpose-built, high performance, truly redundant CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline solution. Working with Cloudera engineers, PSSC Labs engineered the CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline with the latest in technology to scale to any organization’s streaming analytics needs. Included in the solution is a three node redundant configuration with 16TB usable storage for Content Repo, 8TB usable storage for Flowfile Rep, 8TB useable storage for Provenance Repo and an additional 8TB for other NiFi components. CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline includes all of the enterprise features and functions necessary for production deployments at U.S. Government Agencies as well as Fortune 5000 Corporations.

CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline key features include: certified compatible with Cloudera Dataflow (Apache NiFi), delivered with and without back end data platform, significant CapEx and OpEx reduction, truly turn-key deployment, manage and secure your data, and reduced time to deployment and value.

Our solutions have assisted in the prevention of many disasters by helping our clients better predict flooding, prevent wildfires, know when to perform maintenance on aircraft, and more. CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline is already being deployed at various Department of Defense organizations as well as cybersecurity-focused firms. These organizations have combined their CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline with PSSC Labs’ CloudOOP Rax Enterprise Data Lake platform to create a powerful and highly scalable environment to not only process and ingest data at the edge but also store that data for additional analysis using Apache Spark for data science and machine learning.

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