Video: Big Data is Dead, Long Live Its Replacement

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In this video, Tom Fisher presents: Big Data is Dead, Long Live Its Replacement.

Big Data is experiencing a second revolution. This talk will address what’s happened, how it happened and what big data is bridging too. Enterprise companies have to make business critical decisions in the coming years and the marketplace is not clear. The recent changes in the Big Data market will be reviewed as well as the effects on the related ecosystem. The goal of this presentation is to provide insights to engineers, data engineers and data scientists to better navigate a rapidly moving landscape.

Tom Fisher is a Board Member at Rambus and currently serves as an investor and advisor to several emerging technology companies and venture funds. Tom was previously CTO at MapR Technologies where he focused on customer engagements in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data governance. Tom joined MapR from Oracle where he was CIO for Global Commercial Cloud Services for over five years. Prior to joining Oracle, Tom served as CIO at SuccessFactors, now SAP. He also served as CIO of CDMA Technologies at Qualcomm, where he was responsible for establishing the IT strategy for digital transformation and built an alliance with the leading fabless semiconductor companies globally. Prior to Qualcomm, he was Vice President and acting CTO at eBay Inc. Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and multiple post-graduate certifications at Stanford University. Tom is widely published on the Forbes Technology Forum and has been recognized as a top CIO.

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