AMD: Delivering the Future of High-Performance Computing

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Dr. Lisa Su is CEO of AMD.

In this video from the recent DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit, Dr. Lisa Su from AMD describes how the semiconductor industry is meeting the growing demands of future high-performance computing as Moore’s Law is slowing down.

Dr. Su explained that although Moore’s Law scaling to 5 nm is continuing, the pace of such progress is slowing down. But the performance improvement continues to develop at a rapid rate, due to a combination of three factors:

  • Microarchitecture on chip
  • Multi-chip packaging of chiplets
  • Integration of heterogeneous processors

Optimum system performance requires co-design of silicon chips, system architecture, and software. She presented the example of the Frontier exascale computer system being developed for Oak Ridge National Lab, which should exhibit 1.5 exaflops by 2021. While the highest-performance chips and systems will initially be limited to the most expensive machines, it is expected that similar technology will become available within a few years in data centers, edge computers, and even mobile devices.

Dr. Lisa Su is AMD’s president and chief executive officer and also serves on the company’s board of directors. Previously, she was chief operating officer responsible for integrating AMD’s business units, sales, global operations and infrastructure enablement teams into a single market-facing organization responsible for all aspects of product strategy and execution. Dr. Su joined AMD in January 2012 as senior vice president and general manager, global business units and was responsible for driving end-to-end business execution of AMD’s products and solutions.

About the DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit

Announced in June 2017, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) is a five-year, upwards of $1.5 billion investment in the future of domestic, U.S. government, and defense electronics systems. ERI is forging forward-looking collaborations to enable microelectronics progress through circuit specialization and to ensure secure DoD access to next-generation electronics technologies.

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