An Update on the European Processor Initiative

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Jean-Marc Denis from EPI

In this video from the HPC User Forum at Argonne, Jean-Marc Denis presents: An Update on the European Processor Initiative.

The EPI project aims to deliver a high-performance, low-power processor, implementing vector instructions and specific accelerators with high bandwidth memory access. The EPI processor will also meet high security and safety requirements. This will be achieved through intensive use of simulation, development of a complete software stack and tape-out in the most advanced semiconductor process node. SGA1 will provide a competitive chip that can effectively address the requirements of the HPC, AI, automotive and trusted IT infrastructure markets.

Development of a new processor to be at the core of future computing systems will be divided into several streams:

  • Common Platform and global architecture stream
  • HPC general purpose processor stream
  • Accelerator stream
  • Automotive platform stream

The results from the two streams related to the general-purpose processor and accelerator chips will generate a heterogeneous, energy-efficient CPU for use in both standard and non-traditional and compute-intensive segments, e.g. automotive where SoA in autonomous driving requires significant computational resources.

EPI strives to maximize the synergies between the two streams and will work with existing EU initiatives on technology, infrastructure and applications, to position Europe as a world leader in HPC and emerging markets for exascale era such as automotive computing for autonomous driving.

Jean-Marc Denis is Chairman of European Processor Initiative Board.

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