CSC Deploys Puhti Supercomputer from Atos

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Puhti supercomputer

Finnish scientific computing took a big step recently with the launch of Puhti, a new Atos supercomputer at CSC’s Kajaani Data Center. Doubling CSC’s current computational capabilities, Puhti is a BullSequana X400 system that will be used for a wide range of different functions, such as simulation, high-capacity calculation, data analysis and deep learning.

With these new acquisitions, we are looking to the future and aiming to meet the needs of the Finnish research community so that the investment would benefit the entire Finnish society. We are able to serve an ever-growing clientele from computing-intensive industries to projects that require more efficient data management, says Kimmo Koski, CEO of CSC.

The Puhti supercomputer is now available for researchers, as the first part of the CSC’s new computing and data management environment. This Atos BullSequana X400 system supports a wide range of workloads, including simulations, high-throughput workflows, data analysis and deep learning.


  • Puhti consists of 682 CPU nodes with 192 GB – 1.5 TB of memory. Each node has two latest generation Intel Xeon Gold 6230 processors, code name Cascade Lake, with 20 cores each running at 2,1 GHz. Puhti offers a theoretical peak performance of 1,8 Petaflops and 4,8 PB of storage capacity.
  • Puhti-AI Artificial Intelligence Partition has 80 nodes with a total peak performance of 2.7 Petaflops. Each node has four Nvidia Volta V100 GPUs and two Intel Xeon Gold 6230 -processors. Puhti-AI has 384 GB of main memory and 3.2 TB of fast local storage.

An Atos BullSequana XH2000 system named “Mahti” will be CSC’s next supercomputer for deployment in early 2020. This system will offer a significant increase in CSC’s computing capacity, with 1400 nodes each containing two AMD Rome 64-core processors.

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