Exxact looks to BeeGFS Parallel Storage for HPC, AI, and Life Science Workloads

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Today Exxact Corporation announced that it has become a North America Gold Partner of ThinkParQ, the company behind the BeeGFS parallel file system. By achieving Gold Partner status for BeeGFS, Exxact can offer a parallel file system with highly competitive pricing and best-in-class support. Additionally, Exxact’s extensive history, expertise and training with BeeGFS enables the company to deliver wholly unique, customized solutions.

BeeGFS offers the usability, flexibility, and performance that our HPC and deep learning customers expect and depend on in a storage solution from us,” said Andrew Nelson, VP of Technology at Exxact Corporation. “Exxact HPC and deep learning clusters with BeeGFS will realize dramatic improvements in managing storage workloads and will handle I/O bandwidth issues with ease.”

BeeGFS workloads are efficiently multi-threaded, lightweight and supports all the popular interconnects including RDMA/RoCE, InfiniBand, Omni-Path, 100/40/10/1GbE. Because of these advantages, BeeGFS has quickly grown notoriety among many industries in HPC including: Life Sciences, AI & Deep Learning, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, and more. Exxact’s BeeGFS solutions provide aggregated throughput of multiple servers, while also distributing metadata across multiple servers and providing high single stream performance.

ThinkParQ, the company behind BeeGFS, designed the parallel cluster file system based on the POSIX files systems interface, which means applications do not have to be rewritten or modified to take advantage of BeeGFS. Exxact has an extensive history of manufacturing and implementing HPC systems and storage solutions, which naturally led to their Gold level partnership with ThinkParQ.

We are really excited to have Exxact as Gold Partner in North America and look forward to future successes. Working closely together, Exxact customers now have access to a turn-key solution that delivers where performance matters,” said Frank Herold, CEO, ThinkParQ GmbH.

As a certified BeeGFS Gold Partner, Exxact will work closely with ThinkParQ to provide custom system designs for customers. In addition to custom solutions, Exxact will also offer three turn-key cluster configurations:

  • Entry-Level BeeGFS Cluster – 1 PB Storage Capacity with NVMe storage optional
  • Mid-Range BeeGFS Cluster – 1.5 PB Storage Capacity with NVMe storage optional
  • High-End BeeGFS Cluster – 2 PB Storage Capacity with NVMe storage optional

Exxact BeeGFS Storage Clusters are available for order today.

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