Exxact Releases New eBook “Getting Started with Deep Learning”

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Today Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of High Performance Computing (HPC) and GPU-accelerated deep learning solutions, announced that their new, comprehensive eBook: “Getting Started with Deep Learning” is now available globally for free digital download. This eBook aims to be the definitive guide to getting started with deep learning today.

Whether you’re new to the concept of Deep Learning and looking to understand the benefits, or you’re an experienced data scientist looking to stay up to date with the best GPU configurations, this eBook has something for everyone”, said Jason Chen, Vice President of Exxact Corporation. “We’ve condensed everything we’ve learned from building state of the art deep learning systems for some of the top research institutes and fortune 500 companies, so that whoever reads this can plan strategically and avoid costly errors.”

Curated from over 20 years of experience developing world-class workstations, servers and clusters for some of the top institutions and A.I. researchers, Exxact has put together detailed instructions and information for users to navigate the deep learning revolution. With deep learning applications advancing the way we classify images, recognize speech, detect objects, and describe content, there is a considerable amount of interest in finding out how to utilize deep learning to improve some of today’s problems. The eBook offers over 30 pages of ground truth knowledge ranging from neural network basics, thorough platform considerations and implementations for high-security and privacy.

This eBook introduces the following concepts including:

  • Training Considerations for Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning Frameworks Overview
  • How will the Model be Deployed?
  • Cloud vs. On Premises Deep Learning Environments
  • How to Properly Evaluate Your Compute Needs
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Air-Gapped Deep Learning Training Environments
  • Cost Analysis

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