How SUSE Powers High Performance Computing

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Jeff Reser is Global Product and Solutions Marketing Manager at SUSE.

In this video, Jeff Reser from SUSE describes High Performance Computing and how modern applications can benefit from it.

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing provides a parallel computing platform for high performance data analytics workloads such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fueled by the need for more compute power and scale, businesses around the world today are recognizing that a high performance computing infrastructure is vital to supporting the analytics applications of tomorrow. This product is built for easy adoption across lower-cost Arm-based hardware all the way up to the largest supercomputers in the world – with a focus on flexibility and providing SUSE-supported capabilities (i.e., Slurm for workload management) for today’s HPC environments.

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing Key features:

  • Easier management and monitoring of your parallel computing environment with an updated and supported set of popular HPC tools and utilities, including tools for workload and cluster management
  • Expands your x86-64 and Arm-based HPC cluster environment to the full range of hardware being used today for HPC – from low-cost to high-end supercomputers
  • Increases resource efficiency and extreme scaling by enabling offload of HPC processing to public and hybrid cloud, with updated SLE HPC images for both Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Accelerates innovation with a broad ecosystem of hardware and software partners, delivering cohesive HPC stacks for the latest supercomputers
  • High scalability, efficiency and performance by utilizing Linux clustering and the power of parallel computing running on a wide range of hardware
  • SUSE-supported HPC module for x86-64 and ARM64, providing simple and reliable access to high-demand HPC capabilities such as Slurm for workload management

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  1. dean martin says

    Nice video. What other software is part of their solution – any cluster manager, cloud management, workload management software?

    • The slurm workload scheduler is included in the HPC Module in addition to about 40 other HPC packages including our own clustduct distribution too.. The extended solution includes SUSE Enterprise Storage for Ceph-based software defined storage, SUSE Manager for deployment and patching, SUSE CaaS for Kubernates, among others.