NetApp looks to BeeGFS for High Speed Storage

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ThinkParQ is expanding its global reach of BeeGFS by partnering with NetApp. The new partnership will provide an easy to deploy, cost effective and easy-to-manage high performance turnkey solution, that incorporates the NetApp’s E-Series storage (including the new EF600 system) powered by BeeGFS, with enhanced technical support from NetApp. The NetApp E-Series storage with BeeGFS will accelerate workloads and provide customers with consistent, near-real-time access to their data whilst lowering TCO.

We have been working closely with the NetApp E-Series team for some time now to ensure that what we promise is delivered. An innovative, turn-key solution that delivers where performance matters, that is easy to deploy and use, and most importantly, delivers fasters results enabling customers to maximize the value of their data,” said Frank Herold CEO of ThinkParQ.

BeeGFS transparently spreads your data across multiple servers and their back-end storage to prevent bottlenecks and to enable continuous high performance.

The NetApp E-Series storage systems can support a number of workloads simultaneously and can deliver up to 2 million random read IOPS and 24GBps sustained (maximum burst) write bandwidth per scalable building block. Optimized for both flash and spinning media, E-Series systems include built-in technology that monitors workloads and automatically adjusts configurations to maximize performance.

These features are especially important as more and more customers look to implement AI. The combination of NetApp E-Series storage with BeeGFS offers a cost-effective, easy-to-manage high-performance computing solution that keeps pace with the most extreme workloads. World-class NetApp support to back BeeGFS deployments helps customers reduce risk and take their solution to the next level,” explains Robin Huber, vice president and general manager, E-Series, NetApp.

NetApp support for BeeGFS places the assistance of NetApp’s excellent support organization at customers fingertips, by providing configuration advice, assisting with performance tuning, and troubleshooting any issues that might arise. The ThinkParQ expert team of BeeGFS support engineers will provide all 3rd level technical support escalated via the NetApp support team.

As certified and fully trained BeeGFS systems engineers, the NetApp support team will help assess and troubleshoot the overarching BeeGFS deployment, not just the file system. The NetApp experts use proven best practices, tools, and methodologies to guide customers to get optimal performance out of your NetApp and BeeGFS investment.

To learn more about the NetApp and BeeGFS solution, read the NetApp E-Series with BeeGFS solution brief.

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