Excelero And Quanta Cloud Technology Streamline High-Performance Cloud Storage

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Today Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) and Excelero announced QxStor Excelero NVMesh, a High-Performance Cloud Storage joint solution that delivers the high IOPs performance capabilities of NVMe Flash at scale without the traditional storage bottlenecks. Targeted at HPC users, cloud service providers and web-scale organizations, QxStor Excelero NVMesh combines the QCT next-generation NVMe storage servers with Excelero’s NVMesh®software-defined block storage for shared NVMe at local performance.

As AI, ML, databases, analytics and other mission-critical applications push the limits of storage resources, the combination of Excelero and QCT technologies fulfill an unmet and growing demand for storage architectures with high throughput and/or ultra-low latency even at Petabyte scale. Tested and verified in disaggregated and converged architectures, the QxStor Excelero NVMesh joint solution achieved impressive performance and maximum efficiency.

Many organizations cannot unlock new business opportunities because the storage infrastructure they have today cannot support them,” said Lior Gal, CEO and co-founder of Excelero. “We are delighted to team up with Quanta Cloud Technology on QxStor Excelero NVMesh and apply Excelero’s extensive expertise with web-scale NVMe storage users so that together we can help more organizations to deploy the optimal storage architecture to power their growth.”

QxStor Excelero NVMesh is a pre-validated and pre-configured software-defined storage solution that supports the industry-leading block storage software and helps users accelerate their business with flexibility and tailored infrastructures. Additionally, the solution helps relieve the challenge of latency and data transmission bottleneck for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) with complete set of validation, patch & update, and NVMe Flash latest technology support that can speed up entire data processing flow of database.

We are proud to have demonstrated that we can leverage the full combined IOPS and throughput of NVMe in QCT All-NVMe Storage Servers leveraging NVMesh,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “QxStor Excelero NVMesh is easy to deploy across a variety of workloads, and while we’re continuing to validate large-scale configurations, we see a strong fit for the two technologies across high-growth segments such as healthcare, HPC, databases, and more.”

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