GigaIO Optimizes Scalability of Xilinx Alveo FPGAs

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Today GigaIO introduced FabreX support for Xilinx Alveo Accelerators, in addition to an exclusive offering that provides Xilinx FPGA developers with remote cloud access to the FabreX platform. In conjunction with the Xilinx Alveo family of adaptable accelerator cards, Xilinx developers will use FabreX to enhance proof of concept, software testing, and scale-out deployments in applications like artificial intelligence, deep learning inference, and high-performance computing.

Equipped with peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) technology, FabreX integrates computing, storage and input/output (IO) communication into the industry’s first single-system cluster network for native server-to-server communication and cluster scale networking.

It is imperative that modern data centers are capable of handling the massive data centric workloads being deployed today,” says Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO. “Our FabreX platform delivers performance and scalability that is second to none, and pairs flawlessly with Xilinx’s comprehensive Alveo accelerator card portfolio. Users can now easily scale Xilinx Alveo cards to whatever number is needed to handle the incoming data load. With our unique ability to establish peer-to-peer relationships between accelerator cards and an unlimited amount of storage using native NVMe-oF support, FabreX enables the most efficient composability compared to alternate networking technologies. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Xilinx to deliver the most advanced solutions in advanced scale computing.”

Additionally, the launch of the Alveo U50, the newest member of Xilinx’s Alveo line-up and first to support Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) solutions, coincides with GigaIO’s recent FabreX implementation of NVMe-oF. The optimized FabreX architecture streamlines large-scale file sharing by extending standard NVMe architecture across the FabreX network, delivering direct-attach performance with the convince and cost benefits of network-attached resources.

GigaIO will demonstrate FabreX on Nov. 18-21 at SC19 booth #2075 in Denver.

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