Podcast: FinTech and HPC-AI

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks back at the HPC-AI on Wall Street conference.

We discuss the well-received Cryptocurrency panel that he moderated, the challenges of using of AI in financial services, the emerging computational storage, and advanced HPC-class modeling that helps venture capital investors decide whether to invest in a startup.

Check out Shahin’s blog on the panel and top-10 crypto topics of the day here:

Top-10 Topics to Discuss at a Crypto/Blockchain Panel

  1. Why? What’s the big deal?
  2. Blockchain or Crypto?
  3. ICOs
  4. Political Support
  5. Libra
  6. Apps
  7. Security
  8. Other Coins
  9. Digital Assets
  10. Smart Contracts

Further highlights include:

  • Henry actually has good security news this week, about a Man Who Hired Deadly Swatting Gets 15 Months. An Ohio teen who recruited a convicted serial “swatter” to fake a distress call that ended in the police shooting an innocent Kansas man in 2017 has been sentenced to 15 months in prison. “Swatting” is a dangerous hoax that involves making false claims to emergency responders about phony hostage situations or bomb threats, with the intention of prompting a heavily-armed police response to the location of the claimed incident.
  • Shahin talks about France and Germany planning to block the Libra cryptocurrency. Henry and Dan think this is a good time to say “we told you so”! Nobody’s surprised, though Shahin thinks this is the beginning of this, not the end.
  • Henry doesnt know whether to laugh or cry as he describes some of the “ignoble” prize winners and wonders how they ever got funded.
  • Dan talks about the call-center scammer whose plea deal backfires.

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