Powering Datacenters with Earth’s Molten Core: A Practical Guide

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In this video from the UK HPC Conference, Dan Olds from OrionX.net presents: Powering Datacenters with Earth’s Molten Core – A Practical Guide.

Novel Therm’s enhanced Stirling Engine can turn warm water geothermal into megawatts of electricity. This 100% green solution provides a very low PUE (1.03-1.05) and significantly lower costs than alternative co-location, IaaS solutions. This session will look at the technical side of warm-water geothermal energy and how this innovative company will be using it to power data centers.

Advantages of the Novel Therm:

  • Unstable Renewal Energy (Solar/Wind). Solar and Wind resources inherently vary with the weather and time of day. Therefore, to meet the consistent power demands of a data center, they require an expensive intermediary – either the power grid with all of its frailties and pollution or an expensive power storage system.
  • Stable Renewal Energy (Geothermal). Geothermal power on the other hand, is inherently consistent. It easily matches a data centers’ load profile and eliminates the need for power grid connection or expensive battery banks. We bore small 8-12” holes in the earth and pump hot water directly into our heat engine to generate electricity 24/7!
  • Where We Do It. Novel Therm’s modified sterling engine has the unique ability to utilize 160-200 degree Fahrenheit water. This allows us to utilize low-temp geothermal locations, tap into less costly shallow wells and requires much less cooling to produce electricity.

Dan Olds from OrionX.net

Dan Olds is an Industry Analyst at OrionX.net. An authority on technology trends and customer sentiment, Dan Olds is a frequently quoted expert in industry and business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Computerworld, eWeek, CIO, and PCWorld. In addition to server, storage, and network technologies, Dan closely follows the Big Data, Cloud, and HPC markets. He writes the HPC Blog on The Register, co-hosts the popular Radio Free HPC podcast, and is the go-to person for the coverage and analysis of the supercomputing industry’s Student Cluster Challenge.

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