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Recent Research on using Public Clouds for HPC Workloads

Alex Norton from Hyperion Research

In this video from the HPC User Forum at Argonne, Alex Norton from Hyperion Research presents: Recent Research on using Public Clouds for HPC Workloads.

Hyperion Research provides data-driven research, analysis and recommendations for technologies, applications, and markets in high performance computing and emerging technology areas to help organizations worldwide make effective decisions and seize growth opportunities. Research includes market sizing and forecasting, share tracking, segmentation, technology and related trend analysis, and both user & vendor analysis for multi-user technical server technology used for HPC and HPDA (high performance data analysis). We provide thought leadership and practical guidance for users, vendors and other members of the HPC community by focusing on key market and technology trends across government, industry, commerce, and academia.

Alex Norton helps drive research in all areas of the HPC market worldwide. His major focus includes clouds, as well as emerging technologies. He utilizes his background in applied mathematics to provide deeper analysis on the HPC data.

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