Video: InfiniBand In-Network Computing Technology and Roadmap

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Dr. Richard Graham is the Senior Director of HPC Technology at Mellanox.

In this video from the UK HPC Conference, Richard Graham from Mellanox presents: InfiniBand In-Network Computing Technology and Roadmap.

In-Network Computing transforms the data center interconnect to become a “distributed CPU”, and “distributed memory”, enables to overcome performance barriers and to enable faster and more scalable data analysis. HDR 200G InfiniBand In-Network Computing technology includes several elements – Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP), smart Tag Matching and rendezvoused protocol, and more. These technologies are in use at some of the recent large scale supercomputers around the world, including the top TOP500 platforms. This session will discuss the InfiniBand In-Network Computing technology and performance results, as well as view to future roadmap.

Dr. Richard Graham is the Senior Director of HPC Technology at Mellanox Technologies, Inc.  His primary focus is on the High Performance Computing market, working on software and hardware architectures for extreme-scale computing.  Prior to joining Mellanox, Rich spent thirteen years at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in computer science technical and administrative roles focused on communication libraries and application analysis tools.He is a cofounder of the Open MPI collaboration and was chairman of the MPI 3.0 standardization efforts.

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