Video: Large scale industrial simulations using HPC at Rolls-Royce

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Prof Leigh Lapworth is the Rolls-Royce Fellow in Computational Sciences. 

In this keynote talk from Computing Systems Week Edinburgh 2019, Leigh Lapworth (Rolls-Royce) delves into the fundamental role played by high-performance computing in Rolls-Royce aerospace engineering.

Simulation and modeling, enabled by high performance computing, have transformed the way Rolls- Royce designs and engineers its products. Every advance in computing power unlocks the power to do more with simulation and modeling whether this is larger models to give higher fidelity; or, higher throughput of models to explore a larger part of the design space. This presentation will discuss some of the simulations currently performed in Rolls-Royce and the scalability challenges that they present; the requirements for future virtual product simulations; and, some of the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing landscape of HPC platforms. This will include collaborative work between Rolls-Royce and its research partners under a recently launched 5-year EPSRC Prosperity Partnership.

Prof Leigh Lapworth is the Rolls-Royce Fellow in Computational Sciences. He has been with Rolls-Royce for over 30 years and has a long experience of developing and applying physics based simulation using High Performance Computers. He has led a number of successful collaborative projects involving industry and academia. He is currently the business principal investigator for the recently launched 5-year EPSRC Prosperity Partnership in “Strategic Partnership in Computational Science for Advanced Simulation and Modelling of Virtual Systems”. The Universities are led by Edinburgh and include Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and Warwick. The collaboration also includes two specialist companies: CFMS and Zenotech.

Leigh is a Chartered Mathematician and Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. He is a Royal Society Industry Fellow and is currently a member of the EPRSC e-Infrastructure Strategic Advisory Team, the UKRI e-Infrastructure Expert Group and the STFC’s Computing Advisory Panel. He is an Honorary Professorial Fellow at Warwick University.

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