CFD Leader NUMECA adopts Advania Data Centers for HPC-as-a-Service

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Today Advania Data Centers (ADC) announced a strategic HPC service partnership with NUMECA International, a market leader in computational fluid dynamics CFD, multiphysics and optimization. Beginning in 2020, ADC will operate an HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS) for NUMECA, enabling NUMECA full private and secured access to effectively endless high-density compute resources via ADC’s 100% sustainably-powered and cooled data centers.

This HPCaaS partnership allows NUMECA to concentrate on its core software developments and support activities while ADC handles its HPC cluster management, power and cooling — ensuring peak performance at all times based on their Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based infrastructure.

ADC provides NUMECA with a high-performance computing-specific operational expertise that few data centers can offer,” said Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, Advania Data Centers CEO. “On top of that, because we can host and operate HPC clusters in an extremely cost- and power-efficient manner, we can actually include more compute within the same budget than any other HPC-as-a-Service provider out there.”

From left: Marc Tombroff, NUMECA’s general manager, Eyjolfur Magnus Kristinsson, CEO of Advania Data Centers, Charles Hirsch, founder and President of NUMECA, Guy D’Hauwers, Director of Regional HPC Sales at Advania Data Centers.

According to Charles Hirsch, founder and President of NUMECA, NUMECA will be using ADC’s HPCaaS for internal software development as well as customer applications and benchmarking — workloads that can demand instantaneous HPC bursting capacity that would strain many competing computing environments.

HPC is a crucial element of our business, and ADC-powered HPC will be essential to our team in support to the development of the next generation of fluid dynamics software and applications.” said Marc Tombroff, NUMECA’s general manager.

In related news, ADC, HPE and Intel celebrated the new partnership with NUMECA at HPE’s expo booth at Supercomputing in Denver this week where expansions of ADC’s HPC Cluster environments were signed.

From Left: Frederick Kohout, HPE, Gisli Kr. Chief Commercial Officer at Advania Data Centers, and Bill Magro from Intel.

Our partnership with Advania Data Centers and HPE will provide NUMECA with a leading-edge technology platform and Intel-optimized software tools to fuel their research and commercial efforts”, says Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Extreme Computing Group. “The Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 processors in the HPE Apollo 20 system include built-in AI acceleration, which will enable NUMECA to further accelerate their innovation across a broad set of existing and emerging HPC and AI workloads.”

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