How we built Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for HPC

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In this video, Karan Batta from Oracle describes how the company built Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to deliver high performance for HPC applications.

Today, 95 percent of all traditional high-performance computing is still done in traditional on-premises deployments. The sporadic demand cycles and rapid evolution of specialized HPC technologies make flexible cloud deployment a great fit for enterprise usage. But other cloud providers simply haven’t been able to penetrate this market for a range of reasons, from performance to cost to a lack of key features, such as remote direct memory access (RDMA) capability. Over the last 12 months, we have invested significantly, in both technology and partnerships, to make Oracle Cloud Infrastructure the best place to run your Big Compute and HPC workloads.

Karan Batta runs product management at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Hardware across OCI and HPC. He leads vision and product roadmap for compute infrastructure components and hardware. He regularly speaks at conferences and user-groups worldwide such as GPU Technology Conference, Super Computing & Siggraph. Previously Karan was leading accelerated hardware and infrastructure development for major public cloud providers and successful startups.

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