Kingston and Madison Cloud Showcase Private MultiCloud Storage for HPC at SC19

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Kingston is demonstrating its latest DRAM and NVMe PCIe Flash solutions for cloud and HPC at SC19 this week. The company will showcase the consistent data performance and reliability of its forthcoming DC1000M U.2 NVMe SSD, purpose-built for data-intensive enterprise workloads and HPC architectures at the forefront of new AI and machine learning applications.

Today’s supercomputers are powering a multitude of applications that are at the forefront of progress ― from oil and gas exploration to weather predictions, financial markets to developing new technologies,” said Keith Schimmenti, enterprise SSD business manager, Kingston. “These HPC applications require far greater consistency of performance and IO delivery. We are proud to share how Kingston’s solutions are an integral part of the stack behind the next breakthroughs in computing, providing the performance required in the world’s most extreme computing environments and applications.”

During SC19, Kingston and Madison Cloud will demonstrate Private MultiCloud Storage (PMCS) architecture, providing a unified storage fabric for Cloud and On-Premise installations. Designed to keep data close to the Cloud without actually putting it in the Cloud, PMCS deploys the same storage platform wherever you are, providing the products and support that system builders need to move at the speed of Cloud. The two companies will showcase how users can run real-time MultiCloud workloads from a PMCS server in a MultiCloud architecture, built with Kingston DRAM, SATA and NVMe SSDs, providing consistent performance and a wide range of enterprise class features compared to Cloud-native storage products.

Kingston will further demonstrate specific architectural advancements for Big Data and ML applications with the upcoming DC1000M U.2 NVMe SSD and recently launched DC500 SATA data center SSDs. The Big Data workflows validate possibilities for 10-bay NVMe server configurations while delivering 5.8 million IOPS at a sustained bandwidth of 23.8Gb/s. Kingston’s third demo presents ML application learning by naming thousands of satellite images per second as the DC1000M alleviates storage bottlenecks, accelerates large data sets and optimizes NVIDIA GPU performance for ML.

Visit Kingston at SC19 booth #319.

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