KISTI adds Rescale HPC Cloud Platform to Nurion Supercomputer

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Nurion supercomputer at KISTI

Today Rescale announced a strategic business agreement with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information to provide cloud services for KISTI’s Nurion supercomputer.

The ezNurion service is a supercomputing environment that is built to facilitate utilization of Nurion resources by individuals and organizations through linking Nurion, a KISTI supercomputing resource, with the Rescale platform. Rescale and KISTI plans to promote the popularization of supercomputers in Korea through ezNurion, as well as contribute to supporting organizations’ new product development and market analysis and resolving social issues such as natural disasters and transportation challenges.

KISTI has contributed to the development of Korea’s science and technology industry for the past 30 years, through the use of world-class supercomputing, an ultra-high-speed research network based on global cooperation and Korea’s largest scientific and technological database of over 100 million cases.

The Nurion supercomputer was launched in 2018, is composed of 570,000 cores and achieved 13.92 petaflops on the Linpack benchmark. It showed 70 times higher performance of the previous machine and was ranked the 11th on the TOP500 in June 2018.

EzNurion project will link Rescale’s cloud HPC platform to Nurion to provide services.

The existing HPC cluster required users to generate command lines in the terminal when performing computer-aided engineering (CAE). In contrast, the Rescale platform allows users to focus on research and development efforts more easily and quickly by building an optimal framework based on application characterizes such as Abaqus, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, Gromacs and Quantum Espresso.

The Rescale platform provides cloud-based HPC and allows users to quickly see their work anytime and anywhere using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and cloud repositories. Additionally, users can perform and manage tasks in a familiar GUI and CLI environments, so they can perform research tasks in an optimal environment.

In particular, the ability to perform work status sharing, usage monitoring, user management, group management, and project management on a single platform increases efficiency and productivity in both individual and team-level tasks.

We are pleased to support KISTI in improving its R&D environment through the popularization of Korea’s supercomputer,” says Joris Poort, Founder and CEO of Rescale. “This is a great opportunity for us to contribute to Korea’s R&D competitiveness by adding Rescale’s platform environment and cloud computing to KISTI’s supercomputer performance, which is one of the top global supercomputers.”

Hee-Yoon Choi, President of KISTI stated, “With the approach of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the diversification of the supercomputing services, our collaboration with Rescale, the cloud HPC leader, will not only establish and operate the infrastructure for science and technology information but also serve as an opportunity to show our commitment to provide more convenient services to users.”

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