Mellanox Rocks the TOP500 with HDR InfiniBand at SC19

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In this video, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox describes the company’s dominating  results on the TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

At SC19, Mellanox announced that 200 gigabit per second HDR InfiniBand accelerates 31% of the new 2019 InfiniBand systems on November’s TOP500 supercomputing list, demonstrating market demand for faster data speeds and smart interconnect technologies. Moreover, HDR InfiniBand connects the fastest TOP500 supercomputer built in 2019. Overall, InfiniBand solutions interconnect 141 supercomputers, demonstrating 12% growth since the June 2019 TOP500 list. InfiniBand is used in six of the top ten High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supercomputers on the list, including the top three, and four of the top five.

Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet connect 297 systems, or 59% of overall TOP500 platforms, demonstrating 12% growth year over year, from November 2018 to November 2019. This includes all of the 141 InfiniBand systems, and most of the 25 gigabit and faster Ethernet platforms. Mellanox’s Ethernet solutions are used in 156 Ethernet systems on the list, or 60% of the total Ethernet platforms, demonstrating 20% growth year over year.

We are proud to see the strong adoption of our 200 gigabit HDR InfiniBand solutions, representing the growing demands for faster data speeds, smart interconnect technologies and scalable performance. HDR InfiniBand made its first appearance on the June 2019 TOP500 list, and it now represents nearly a third of the new InfiniBand platforms, including the fastest TOP500 supercomputer built in 2019,” said Eyal Waldman, president and CEO of Mellanox Technologies. “Our InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions connect nearly 60% of the TOP500 platforms, demonstrating growth of 12% from the November 2018 TOP500 list. Mellanox 25 Gigabit or faster Ethernet solutions connect the majority of the Ethernet-based systems on the list, demonstrating the growing adoption of our Ethernet adapters, switches and cables for hyperscale, cloud and enterprise data centers. We are excited to see how Mellanox’s world-leading InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions enable leading applications performance on premise or in the cloud, and enhance research, scientific discovery and product development. We continue working on our 400 gigabit NDR InfiniBand generation that will power the next generation of supercomputing and machine learning platforms, providing our customers with the competitive advantage they need.”

Newly announced Mellanox products include:

  • Mellanox Quantum LongReach systems provide the ability to seamlessly connect remote InfiniBand data centers together, or to provide high-speed and full RDMA (remote direct memory access) connectivity between remote compute and storage infrastructures. Based on the 200 gigabit HDR Mellanox Quantum InfiniBand switch, the LongReach solution provides up to two long-reach InfiniBand ports and eight local InfiniBand ports. The long reach ports can deliver up to 100Gb/s data throughput for distances of 10 and 40 kilometers.
  • Mellanox Skyway, a 200 gigabit HDR InfiniBand to Ethernet gateway appliance. Mellanox Skyway enables a scalable and efficient way to connect the high-performance, low-latency InfiniBand data center to external Ethernet infrastructures or connectivity. Mellanox Skyway is the next generation of the existing 56 gigabit FDR InfiniBand to 40 gigabit Ethernet gateway system, deployed in multiple data centers around the world.

Our mission is to ensure highest data center application performance, lowest communication latency, and best return-on-investment. For those customers who require external Ethernet connectivity to their InfiniBand data centers, Mellanox Skyway offers the most effective and efficient bridge solution between 100/200 gigabit InfiniBand and 100/200 gigabit Ethernet, while maintaining the lowest InfiniBand latency within the data center,” said Gilad Shainer, senior vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “200 gigabit HDR InfiniBand offers great performance advantages, smart In-Network Computing acceleration engines, and cost-performance advantages, making it the leading interconnect technology for high performance infrastructures. Skyway enables a scalable and effective path from InfiniBand to Ethernet, which can scale as needed to meet the current and future data center needs.”

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