Podcast: Digital Trust in the Age of Deepfakes

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Dave Maher, CTO of Intertrust

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team catches up with Dave Maher, CTO of internet security company Intertrust, to share with us his deep knowledge of digital communication, identity management, data rights management, cryptography and digital certificates, blockchain, and much more.

Dave gave us the run down on Intertrust and his other roles in the cybersecurity arena. Dave also discusses the evolution of the internet and the rising need for security given that the internet has vastly changed since it began so long ago.

The main topic of the conversation is authenticity and truth. With the rise of deepfakes (images or videos that are convincingly falsified), how do we know that what we’re seeing and hearing is created by who we think and is what we think? This leads to a deep conversation on ways we can verify content so that we know that it’s authentic. There are many ways of approaching it, but some implementation of blockchain seems to be a promising route.

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