Santos Dumont from Atos is now the Fastest Supercomputer in Latin America

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Luis Casuscelli (Director of Big Data and Cyber ​​Security at Atos in South America) (second from left), Marcos Pontes (Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation) (second from right) and Nelson Campelo (CEO Atos in South America) (far right)

Today Atos announced a major upgrade to the Santos Dumont supercomputer in Brazil, making it the most powerful supercomputer in Latin America.

With the expansion of 4 Petaflops, the sytsem will now operate with a total processing capacity of approximately 5.1 quadrillion operations per second, an increase of approximately 350% compared to the original 2015 specification of 1.1 Petaflops.

With this expansion, LNCC will gain access to state-of-the-art technologies implemented by Atos, utilizing a high-performance hybrid platform that can support different workloads, expanding its ability to support research and development, especially in the areas of intelligence Artificial and Deep Learning,” explains Luis Casuscelli, Director of Big Data and Cyber ​​Security at Atos in South America. “SDumont is equipped with a highly efficient and sustainable cooling infrastructure that uses water and room temperature, reducing the energy used for supercomputer cooling.”

The expansion is an initiative in conjunction with the Libra Consortium, led by Petrobras, which aims to support the development of research in the oil and gas sector, and for in-depth seismic image studies and real-time reservoir simulation.

In total around 150 projects have been conducted with Santos Dumont in strategic areas such as oil and gas exploration, and coal and renewable energy, but also for ZIKA and Dengue virus research, drug development for HIV and climate studies.

The expansion of Santos Dumont is a project of which we are very proud, because it reinforces Atos’ positioning as a reliable partner for the digital challenges that businesses and public organizations face today. Together with LNCC, we present for the second time, the largest supercomputer in Latin America dedicated to scientific research and help position Brazil on the list of nations with high performance computing capabilities.” concludes Nelson Campelo, Atos CEO for South America.

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