Video: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for HPC

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In this video, Vinay Kumar from Oracle describes how the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers high performance for HPC applications.

High Performance Computing changes the economics of product development and research. It requires fewer prototypes, accelerates testing, and decreases time to market. Oracle offers on-demand HPC infrastructure, suitable for any HPC workload, based on the most advanced compute, storage, networking, and software technologies—at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.”

Highlights include:

  • Compute instances with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Skylake processors, including high core count and high frequency options
  • Up to 51.2 TB local NVMe storage per compute instance
  • 2 x 25 Gbps network interfaces – or 1 x 25 Gbps and 1 x 100 Gbps for RDMA
  • Bare metal compute instances for the utmost control of, and performance from, your hardware
  • Block storage volumes up to 1 PB
  • Software frameworks for rendering, scientific, manufacturing, design, AI, machine learning, and more

Vinay Kumar is vice president of product management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He is responsible for scaling the business by driving product strategy, the technical roadmap and partner ecosystem, and go-to-market initiatives. He leads a team of engineers, industry specialists, evangelists, and field-enablement specialists. Kumar is one of the founding members of Oracle’s cloud engineering development center in Seattle and is tasked with building next-generation Oracle Cloud solutions. Prior to joining Oracle, he led product management for Amazon Web Services (AWS) including Elastic Block Store and Simple Storage Service. Before that, he spent several years working for EMC and Akamai.

Kumar holds a BE in electronics and communication from Bangalore University and an MBA from Babson College.

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