XTREME-D Now Accepting US Orders for Unique HPC Cloud Platform

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Today Award-winning Japanese HPC Cloud company XTREME-D today announced that its flagship product, XTREME-Stargate, will be available in the US in Q1. Advance orders can be placed starting next week at Supercomputing in Denver.

XTREME-Stargate is a unique HPC cloud platform that extends on-premise capacity to the cloud by providing the latest hardware, software, data sets, and professional services to users who are able to spin up clusters in just a few minutes. Users can process their workloads immediately via specially-configured hardware and containerized commercial software, and users in AI and life sciences can instantly access the pre-installed large public datasets necessary for machine learning, deep learning, and drug discovery. XTREME-Stargate debuted as a prototype at ISC in June and has been in production in Japan since September.

XTREME-Stargate is a fully automated service for deploying, monitoring, and managing a virtual supercomputer on public or private cloud, and includes managed services via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), system software for automation, high performance storage, and specialized professional services provided by XTREME-D’s HPC architecture team. A unique and much appreciated feature is technical support provided via Slack.

XTREME-Stargate can be used with three different access plans:

  • Shared Access: A fixed monthly subscription in a shared environment on XTREME-D’s servers.
  • Dedicated Access: Allows 24/7 access to a dedicated physical partition on XTREME-D’s servers, allowing you to keep your data and configurations intact.
  • Private Access: Allows your data to be housed at your own data center.

XTREME-D will also be debuting a new user interface for XTREME-Stargate at SC19. Following in the footsteps of its extremely user-friendly web-based dashboard for its prior product (XTREME-DNA), this GUI is specifically designed for use with XTREME-Stargate. It allows for the creation of new types of reports for job scheduling, user management, and accounting, and displays data usage in new graphical formats. The end-user interface is based on JupyterLab (the graphical user interface for Python) so it’s particularly suitable for usage with AI applications.

XTREME-Stargate provides high performance computing and graphics processing that is cost-effective for both simulation and data analysis, making it an ideal platform for calculations with large data sets and heavy logic. A variety of popular AI and deep learning software comes included, such as Gaussian16 and GaussView6 for life sciences, and Intel Parallel Studio for HPC developers. And by using Singularity, users can also include their workloads as Bring Your Own Environment (BYOE) jobs.

XTREME-D is well-known in Japan for architecting technical computing in the cloud, initially pioneering a way to build inexpensive HPC clusters in just 10 minutes without specialized skills or knowledge.

CEO Naoki Shibata is extremely proud of his company’s evolution to offering a new HPC platform on baremetal cloud for the AI Era. “XTREME-Stargate has been extremely well received in Japan since it rolled out just two months ago, and we look forward to a similar reception in the US,” he said.

XTREME-D’s newest customers include Riken National Laboratory, which is using XTREME-Stargate for medical drug discovery simulation, including deep learning for manipulating input data, and KEK, a Japanese High Energy Accelerator Research Organization similar to CERN, which is using it for Cryo-EM. Applied Tech, a civil engineering firm using CFD simulation for disaster recovery, just upgraded to XTREME-Stargate from a prior XTREME-D product to achieve greater performance and the ability to access Stargate’s IaaS fixed monthly subscription model.

XTREME-Stargate is also being evaluated by a top global manufacturer, and just completed a PoC with NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View last month. NASA tested access to several applications, including CFD and weather modeling, as well as how to access and run the platform’s web-based GUI dashboard.

Visit XTREME-D at booth #1485 at SC19 in Denver, Colorado from November 18–21 for a live technical demonstration of XTREME-Stargate, including its new web-based dashboard.

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