Adaptive Computing Releases NODUS Cloud OS 4.0

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Adaptive Computing has released NODUS Cloud OS 4.0 to help organizations simplify the deployment of cloud-hosted resources and gain access to the virtually unlimited capacity of High-Performance Computing in the cloud. In addition to offering enhanced cloud bursting configurations and capabilities, NODUS Cloud OS 4.0 is breaking down the barriers to entry into the world of advanced computing for corporations and organizations of any size.

Adaptive Computing’s NODUS Cloud Solution, as mentioned in the Gartner report “Top 5 Ways to Successfully Deliver HPC Cloud Strategies”, offers cloud integration features to help organizations gracefully migrate workloads without disrupting mission-critical operations. The same report also states that 30% of all organizations will be adopting HPC in the cloud by 2023.

There are several new features that make NODUS Cloud OS 4.0 appealing to any company, including the ease of creating and running jobs and the ease of accessing results. With NODUS Cloud OS 4.0 running on a server or a laptop, for 25k per user, you have immediate access to all the computing capacity within every major cloud provider in the world through one common API. Integration with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and other major cloud providers is already built into the interface and does not require cloud expertise to implement.

To ensure that cloud computing costs are kept to a minimum, compute nodes are spun up and shut down as needed. You only pay the cloud provider cost for what you use, when you are using it. Art Allen, president and CEO of Adaptive Computing, advises corporations to stop paying for floor space, power, air conditioning, personnel, and hardware, especially when not in use.

There are several new bursting configurations available in NODUS Cloud OS 4.0, which bring the fastest time to results at the lowest possible cost. Other new features in this release include heterogeneous clusters, an improved job manager, and electron cross-platform app architecture.

Everyone will now be able to use the insights and power available through advanced computing and experience a significant cost savings, without requiring additional expertise. And now any company can reap the benefits of artificial intelligence, machine learning, engineering simulations and advanced risk analysis.

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