D-Wave Expands Leap API into Amazon Braket

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Today D-Wave Systems announced the expansion of the Leap API into Amazon Braket, a new, fully managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution that allows scientists, researchers, and developers to begin experimenting with computers from quantum hardware providers in a single place. The service, announced today at AWS re:Invent 2019, gives AWS users live cloud access to D-Wave’s 2000Q quantum processor via the Leap quantum cloud service API. Customers and developers will be able to leverage D-Wave’s processing power in real time to run quantum applications directly from Amazon Braket. This access will extend to forthcoming D-Wave systems, such as the next-generation Advantage, coming in mid-2020.

D-Wave’s quantum systems and our Leap cloud environment were both purpose-built to make practical application development a reality today and, in turn, fuel real-world business advantage for our customers,” said D-Wave’s chief product officer and EVP of R&D, Alan Baratz. “Amazon’s Braket will open the door to more smart developers who will build the quantum future, and the forward-thinking executives who will transform industries.”

Since the first commercial sale to Lockheed Martin in 2010, D-Wave has been focused on making it easy for customers to develop early real-world applications. With more than 200 early applications, customers today are using the D-Wave 2000Q to develop solutions to important problems. By participating in the launch of Amazon Braket, D-Wave expects to continue to grow the company’s developer and user base.

We believe that opening up access to current-stage quantum computers is a crucial step in accelerating the development of useful applications. That’s why, in designing Amazon Braket, we chose to collaborate with providers like D-Wave, who have built promising technologies that are of interest to our customers,” said Simone Severini, Director, Quantum Computing, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Together, we can make it easier for researchers to innovate, with the shared goal of realizing the true long-term potential of quantum computing.”

The Leap quantum cloud service was designed to make quantum computing accessible – fueling practical quantum computing development and driving business value for D-Wave customers. As the only quantum cloud service that gives customers and developers immediate access to a real-time quantum processor through the Leap API, as well as a Quantum Application Environment, training resources and a growing quantum community, Leap makes application development accessible to millions of programmers worldwide. Expansion of the Leap API into the newly announced Amazon Braket quantum cloud service means a global community of customers and developers will now have access to the D-Wave 2000Q quantum system via the Leap API, as well as D-Wave’s robust Ocean software development kit and tools like D-Wave Hybrid, an open-source framework for building hybrid quantum applications.

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