IDC: DDN is Fastest Growing Supplier of All-Flash Arrays

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Today DDN announced that it has leaped into the rankings of major all-flash array vendors as tracked by IDC over the first half of 2019. Through organic growth, investment in recent acquisitions and the closing of the transaction with Western Digital for the IntelliFlash business unit, DDN built an all-flash array portfolio which grew at a much larger percentage (78.7%) than rivals such as Dell Technologies, NetApp, Pure Storage and IBM.

Organizations are increasingly looking for easy-to-use, robust and highly scalable data management solutions, that can be flexibly deployed in multicloud environments and deliver faster insight while maximizing the value of their complex distributed data. To address the emergence of AI and Deep Learning, the move to multicloud and the need for real-time business insights that rely on vast amounts of data, DDN has created a portfolio ready to deliver best-in-class AI-enabled data management solutions across analytics, IoT, multicloud, and virtualized environments.

This completeness of vision, coupled with a strong history of execution, is validated by Coldago Research’s File Storage Map, placing DDN as a leader in the market. Coldago has identified the convergence of HPC and enterprise file sharing, the rise of parallelism to address IO bottlenecks, and the adoption of technologies like NVMe, as key factors affecting the file storage market. In addition, the research firm identified integrated data management as a key capability going forward.

In the pursuit of digital modernization, many of our customers are facing a future that appears more complex and difficult to manage, especially in unpredictable multicloud deployments,” said Alex Bouzari, CEO and co-founder, DDN. “It is increasingly critical for organizations to connect the right data to the right compute over the right interface at the right time. Our products and services are engineered to excel across all platforms and all providers, simultaneously. No one else in the marketplace delivers such a degree of data management freedom, flexibility and scalability.”

Over the past 18 months, DDN has delivered an AI infrastructure architecture with its A3 platforms, reinvigorated the Tintri business unit, integrated the Nexenta software defined storage offerings and completed the acquisition of IntelliFlash. The latter three offerings will be the foundation for DDN’s Enterprise division. Combined, the DDN family of companies is the premier provider of AI and Data Management software and hardware solutions, spanning edge to core for intensive workloads such as AI, Big Data and IoT, while being platform and vendor agnostic, and fully enabling to private and multiple public clouds deployment models.

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