LIqid Steps up with Composable Infrastructure at SC19

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Sumit Puri (right) is CEO of Liqid.

In this video from SC19, Sumit Puri from Liqid describes the company’s innovative composable infrastructure technology for HPC.

We don’t build servers statically. We build servers dynamically by taking software and reconfiguring servers on the fly to have any amount of storage, GPU, networking, or compute that the application layer requires. Our mission is to turn the data center from statically configured to dynamically configurable.”

At the show, Liqid demonstrated how it composes Western Digital OpenFlex storage arrays across a data center using the Liqid Command Center software. This capability makes storage dynamic and sharable across different platforms.

Liqid also announced two new core technologies at the show:

  • The ability to do multi-fabric. While the company started with composability over PCIe, they can compose GPUs over Ethernet.
  • Their next generation of software enables the disaggregation of converged servers, allowing you to recompose storage, GPU, networking, or compute as needed.

Liqid Benefits:

  • True Disaggregation. Pool compute, network, storage, graphics processing, FPGA and Intel® Optane™ memory elements in expansion trays for native deployment across Intelligent fabric.
  • Intelligent Fabric. Liqid Grid allows core system resources to be instantly interconnected into physical servers and dynamically reconfigured as needed.
  • Intuitive Control. Liqid Command Center™ is the most powerful management software platform that automates, orchestrates, and composes. Intuitively jump from one task to another.

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