Podcast: The Evolution of Neuromorphic Computing

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MIke Davies is Director of the Neuromorphic Computing Lab at Intel.

In this Chip Chat podcast, Intel’s Mike Davies describes neuromorphic computing, what it means to “spike” a neural network, and Intel’s Loihi, a neuromorphic research chip that contains over 130,000 “neurons.”

Neuromorphic computing looks to the human brain and nervous system for inspiration. The brain is very good at perceiving information, learning from context, and inference. Understanding how the brain does something can inform how a computer could perform the same task. To be sure, neuromorphic computing isn’t biomimicry or about reconstructing the brain in silicon. Rather, it’s about understanding the processes and structures of neuroscience and using those insights to inform research, engineering, and technology. Those insights can help create a new generation of AI that’s better at seeing, learning, and solving problems.

Mike Davies is Director of Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab. Since joining Intel Labs in 2014, Mike has researched neuromorphic prototype architectures, algorithms, software, and systems. His group is responsible for Intel’s Loihi research chip. Previously, as a founding employee of Fulcrum Microsystems and its director of silicon engineering, Mike pioneered high performance asynchronous design methodologies as applied to several generations of industry-leading Ethernet switch products. He joined Intel in 2011 by Intel’s acquisition of Fulcrum.

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