Verne Global Offers Sustainable HPC in the Cloud

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Tate Cantrell (right) is CTO of Verne Global.

In this video from SC19, Tate Cantrell from Verne Global describes how the company delivers sustainable HPC in the Cloud.

Verne Global delivers true high performance computing solutions in an optimized environment, built upon renewable resources. Our expert team provides full life-cycle support to enable maximum performance and flexibility for customer workloads, whilst offering significant cost savings.” From accelerating high altitude ice-cloud research, to running intensive deep neural networks, our HPC Cloud solution – hpcDIRECT from Verne Global is powerful, agile and efficient. Whether deployed as stand-alone compute or used as an on-demand HPC extension, hpcDIRECT beats hyperscale alternatives on both performance and price.”

For those organizations utilizing HPC, Iceland’s exceptional power-availability, robust network, and 100% renewable energy make it the ideal choice. Abundant, scalable power, is delivered by one of the world’s most modern grids, and only used to within 10% of its capacity. Combined with long-term fixed pricing and optimized cooling due to Iceland’s northern latitude location, Verne Global and Iceland are your perfect HPC power partners.

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