Video: Lustre Community Release Update

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The OpenSFS Lustre Working group is lead by Peter Jones (Whamcloud) and Dustin Leverman (ORNL).

In this video from LAD’19 in Paris, Peter Jones from Whamcloud presents: Lustre Community Release Update.

Lustre is a vibrant Open Source project with many organizations working on new features and improvements in parallel.  We coordinate those efforts primarily through OpenSFS and EOFS. Meeting development target dates is a difficult task for any software project, but doubly so in a globally distributed Open Source project.

Lustre is a massively parallel filesystem designed for high-performance, large-scale data. Lustre is mature and open source (GPLv2), running stably in production at many thousands of sites around the world. For a number of years, a majority of the world’s 100 fastest supercomputers have relied on Lustre for their storage needs. If you need lots of data fast and reliably, and value the flexibility of using a wide choice of block storage and want to become part of a world-wide open community, then Lustre is a good choice.

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