WekaIO Rocks the IO500 at SC19

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In this video from SC19, Charla Bunton-Johnson & Mat Gruen from WekaIO describe the company’s high performance shared file system and how they work closely with industry-leading technology resellers, distributors, service providers, and integrators to maximize performance and business opportunity.

At the show, Weka announced that it has been awarded the first-place ranking on the IO-500 Challenge, rankings that compare storage systems that work in tandem with the world’s largest supercomputers. The Weka File System (WekaFS) running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) set a record on the IO-500 benchmark with an overall number of 938.949—51% better performance than the prior record set at ISC 2019. The overall performance record achieved demonstrates that high-performance computing in the cloud can compete with the most advanced on-premises supercomputer clusters. WekaIO received the award for the highest overall number as well as the highest metadata performance, demonstrating that its distributed metadata is a game changer for higher performance computing.

The results of the IO-500 benchmark validate our leadership position for storage solutions in the HPC market and illustrate the performance benefits associated with using WekaFS on AWS. Weka provides organizations with a way forward to solve tomorrow’s biggest computing problems. It’s is a modern file system architected to provide extreme performance at any scale,” said Liran Zvibel, CEO and co-founder, WekaIO. “This benchmark reinforces how Weka can deliver superior performance density in a more user-friendly manner when compared with the largest supercomputer storage systems.”

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