2020 HiPEAC Conference to Showcase European Computing Technologies

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The 2020 HiPEAC conference will kick off next week in Bologna to showcase the innovative made-in-Europe technologies driving computing systems from the edge to the cloud. Taking place January 20-22, the conference will dive into radical new developments in European processor technology, including open source hardware, while building on HiPEAC’s long-established reputation for cutting-edge research into heterogeneous architectures, cross-cutting artificial intelligence themes, security and more.

With technology constantly transforming our lives, our fifteenth conference will show how the HiPEAC community is at the forefront of disruptive innovation, while representing the values which keep human interests at the heart of European technology,” says HiPEAC coordinator Professor Koen De Bosschere from Ghent University. “This year’s record industry participation is a testament to the conference’s unique combination of technology expertise, exceptional networking and recruitment opportunities. We are also grateful for the continued support of the European Commission, whose recent approval of the sixth HiPEAC project ensures HiPEAC’s public funding until 2022.”

As always, three stellar speakers will provide timely, in-depth keynote talks on key topics in computing systems. Kicking off the conference on Monday morning, attendees will be treated to a characteristically satirical take on software-defined architectures by James Mickens (Harvard University). On Tuesday, 21 January, Calista Redmond (RISC-V Foundation) will explain how open hardware is building momentum across the world. Finally, with a nod towards Italian innovation, Wednesday, 22 January will see Alessandro Cremonesi (STMicroelectronics) discussing efficient AI for key societal issues.

Technology transfer will once again take centre stage, building on the celebration of research-to-market projects in the HiPEAC Technology Transfer Awards. The TISU Workshop on Transfer to Industry and Start-Ups will be complemented by the Eurolab4HPC: Venture Capital session, as well as Tuesday’s TETRAMAX poster exhibition of company innovations. This year’s industry session features a packed programme of some of the most disruptive companies in technology, from Europe and beyond. Finally, for anyone following the unstoppable trajectory of open hardware, the Eurolab4HPC Industrial Session on Open Source Hardware will feature top speakers offering a range of perspectives on this area, which is increasingly important for European technological development.

Additional highlights include:

  • A dive into secure hardware, architectures and operating systems in the SeHAS workshop, featuring an array of top international experts.
  • Tutorials by leading international technology companies, research centres and international projects, including an insight into work being undertaken in the European Processor Initiative.

As usual, HiPEAC will offer HiPEAC Jobs careers support to help promote the most challenging jobs in computing systems within the HiPEAC community. Once again, the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) student day on 21 January will offer students the chance to find out about opportunities within the vibrant HiPEAC network and inspire them to continue their careers in the field.

In a tribute to the conference’s established success, this year’s conference has attracted a record level of sponsorship from international technology companies and research centres, including Arm, DeepMind, ECMWF, CINECA and GreenWaves, not to mention a host of innovative computing start-ups and scale-ups.

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