AI & Blockchain: Internet of smarter things

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Dr. Eng Lim Goh is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for AI at HPE.

In this video from HPE Discover More, Dr. Eng Lim Goh describes inspiring real-world use cases that demonstrate the transformative power of AI and HPC.

Today, machines are trained at the core and the results sent to the edge for prediction and action. However, with so much data stranded, due to privacy, regulations, or sheer volume and velocity, getting consistently accurate predictions is elusive. But what if we could remove these barriers with AI, IoT and blockchain to train these machines anywhere, where the data sources are, including at the edge. Hear how the next wave of Machine Intelligence is uncovering value in data like never before to solve some of the world’s most significant challenges. This will be explained in a way for all to understand.

Dr. Eng Lim Goh is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for AI at HPE. As such, leads the development of the next generation computer architecture. His current research interest is in the progression from data intensive computing to analytics, inductive machine learning, deductive reasoning and artificial specific to general intelligence, human perception for user interfaces and virtual and augmented reality. In collaboration with NASA he is currently principal investigator of a year-long experiment, aboard the ISS to operate high performance computers for long duration space travel.

In 2005, InfoWorld named Dr. Goh one of the World’s 25 Most Influential CTOs. He was included twice in the HPCwire list of “People to Watch”; 2005 and 2015. He co-presented with NASA at the inaugural 1st plenary of the Supercomputing 2014 Conference to an audience of 2,500. Before joining SGI, Dr. Goh worked for Intergraph Systems, Schlumberger Wireline and Shell Research. A Shell Cambridge University Scholar, Dr. Goh completed his PhD research and dissertation on parallel architectures and computer graphics. Dr. Goh has been granted six U.S. patents, with three others pending.

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