GIGABYTE and Incooling to Develop Two-Phase Liquid Cooled Servers for High Frequency Trading

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Incooling has adopted GIGABYTE’s overclockable R161 Series server platform as the test-bed and prototype model for a new class of two-phase liquid cooled overclockable servers designed for the high frequency trading market.

We are always looking into new cooling technologies that help our customers push the boundaries of performance and efficiency in their data centers. Incooling offers a unique solution, different from others in the market place, and we are looking forward to working with them to see what new possibilities we can achieve using our servers together with their cutting edge two-phase cooling technology” said Mike Chang, Thermal R&D Manager at GIGABYTE.

Incooling’s technology is capable of pushing temperatures far below the traditional data center air temperatures, unlocking a new class of turbocharged servers. It does this by leveraging specialized refrigerants using phase-change cooling, inside a pressure-controlled loop. This is a highly efficient method that allows exchange of the heat from the chip with the datacenter air with far less thermal resistance. Coupled with the R161 overclockable server from GIGABYTE, Incooling’s solutions are able to push performance further than ever before. First system tests showed up to 20°C lower core temperatures contributing up to 10% increase in boost clock-speed whilst lowering total power draw by 200 watts.

We are very excited to be able to collaborate with GIGABYTE because we know that true innovations only come together with truly innovative partners. GIGABYTE not only makes best in class products but are also able to push the boundaries on multiple technology frontiers. These capabilities come together in their R161 series server, sporting both a highly modular and flexible system design for easy customization as well as excellent power delivery and custom overclocking BIOS capabilities that allow us to fully exploit the potential of phase change cooling” said Rudie Verweij, CEO at Incooling.

Continuous R&D efforts will focus on further pushing these boundaries but it’s not all just about raw performance increase. In the near future, Incooling is planning to adopt their cooling technology for other types of GIGABYTE server systems such as its H-Series multi-node servers for high performance computing and G-Series GPU servers for artificial intelligence. This will further contribute towards reducing the currently excessively high energy consumption in servers that are using the highest powered CPUs or GPUs.

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