Podcast: AI4Good Lab Empowers Women in Computer Science

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In this AI Podcast, Doina Precup describes why their doesn’t need to be a gender gap in computer science education. An associate professor at McGill University and research team lead at DeepMind, Precup shares her personal experiences, along with the AI4Good Lab she co-founded to give women more access to machine learning training.

Growing up in Romania, Precup attended a high school that specialized in computer science and a technical university. She didn’t experience gender disparity in these learning environments. “If anything, programming was considered a very good job for women, because you did not need to be working in the fields,” she explained. It made the gap in Canadian universities and companies even more noticeable. At McGill, Precup saw that female students were hesitant to speak up or pursue graduate studies. Together with Angelique Mannella, CEO of AM Consulting and an Amazon employee, Precup was inspired to start the AI4Good Lab in 2017.

Doina Precup is a Romanian researcher currently living in Montreal, Canada. She specializes in artificial intelligence. Precup is associate dean of research at the faculty of science at McGill University, Canada research chair in machine learning and a senior fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

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