Radio Free HPC Rings in the New Year

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In this video, the Radio Free HPC team reigns in the New Year with a holiday dinner, exchange of gifts, and Photoshopping 101.

It’s become a tradition at Radio Free HPC to celebrate the holidays with a video of the . The new logo launches the video: celebrating a truly family style dinner and dreaming big (maybe too creatively, however) as the team exchanges “if-only” gifts!

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  1. Marc Van Laethem says

    Dan, Shahin, Henry (in random order),

    Please accept my sincere greetings for 2020. I am one of your dozen listeners and enjoy since a year your magnificent podcasts. They are a great source in information (e.g. the episodes on RISC-V, MemComputing and immersion cooling). And they are very funny too. A rare combination ! Your celebration of #251 instead of #250 was a great idea. I do love prime numbers too.

    I just recommended your podcasts to my manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He drives regularly from Atlanta to Miami (and back) and needed some good road music he said. Your podcasts are the far better ‘music’. I am anxious to hear from him about it when he returns.

    One question if I may: I wanted to download also older podcasts of you but cannot find all of them on your website. Is there a place where I can download back versions (one by one or in bulk) ?

    Again, have a great 2020, your podcasts beat everyone else’s.

    Very best regards,