Sano Genetics Deploys Lifebit CloudOS for Direct-to-Consumer Genetics

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Today Sano Genetics announced the company is using Lifebit CloudOS to power their free DNA sequencing platform, achieving 35% increase in speed of imputation analyses. Imputation is a statistical technique that fills in the gaps between sites measured by genotyping arrays, and is very useful for genetic genealogy and other forms of ‘citizen science’. Any participant who uploads their DTC genetic data to the Sano platform can download their imputed data within about 15 minutes.

Scaling genetic big data analyses is a major challenge, while security and compliance remain complex and paramount considerations. With data privacy and transparency at its core, Sano required a partner that would not force them to copy and transfer their customers’ sensitive data offsite. Unlike any other genomics platform, with Lifebit CloudOS, analysis and machine learning runs over distributed data where the data resides rather than having to move data.

The only fully federated solution to meet all of our requirements was Lifebit CloudOS,” explained Patrick Short, Sano Genetics CEO. “Because Lifebit CloudOS utilizes a containerised approach, we can seamlessly share entire pipelines across our organiation and research partners. Distributed data is united through federated analysis – data is never transferred and security is assured. Our deployment ozf Lifebit CloudOS resulted in tremendous speed improvements and greater reproducibility in our scientific pipelines. With more than a dozen studies now running, and new studies added every month, we are excited to work with Lifebit to make genomics research faster and more patient-centric, and provide citizen scientists with access to free fast imputation.”

Sano Genetics utilizes advanced DNA sequencing technology (whole exome and genome sequencing) to provide rich insights derived from studies. Individuals upload their genetic and medical data to the Sano platform, and match the data with research studies and clinical trials, all the while maintaining transparency and control. With Lifebit CloudOS, data is never transferred away from Sano’s compute environment and scalability is assured, while secure collaboration among team members and researchers is seamless.

The Sano Genetics platform is unique in that it allows scientists to perform research in personalized medicine and to access dynamic health and genetic data sets, while individuals are provided transparency and control throughout the process,” said Lifebit CEO, Dr Maria Chatzou Dunford. “Our collaboration with Sano furthers our mission of advancing knowledge, making genomics research faster and more patient-centric, while helping to democratize access to the latest bioinformatics techniques. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Sano Genetics in this shared mission.”

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