Big Compute Fireside Chat with Sam Altman from OpenAI

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Sam Altman is CEO of OpenAI.

In this video from the Big Compute 2020 event, Sam Altman from the OpenAI research laboratory discusses artificial intelligence  Shawn Hansen, COO of Rescale.

I think of the most exciting developments in the field in the last few years has been how good AI for natural language is getting. I think we are going to see an explosion in the next few years of systems that can really process, understand, and interact with general language. It will, I think, be the first way that people really feel powerful AI. Because you’ll be able to interact with the systems like you do by talking to somebody else. You’ll be able to have dialogue that actually makes sense. And computers will be able to process huge volumes of text that are sort of very unstructured. And you as interact with that system in whatever way you want and in whatever way you do, you will get what you want.

Sam Altman has been a tech entrepreneur since his early 20’s, later taking Silicon Valley by storm since was President of Y Combinator. Since then, he co-founded OpenAl with Elon Musk and currently stands as CEO. He was named on Inc’s top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 and Businessweeks Tech’s Best Entrepreneurs.

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