Nor-Tech steps up with Intel Cascade Lake Refresh Processors

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Today Nor-Tech announced that the company is now integrating HPC clusters and workstations with Intel’s groundbreaking Cascade Lake Refresh (CLX R) processor.

Recently introduced, CLR R builds on the momentum of the existing 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor (Cascade Lake or CLX). These new processors offer enhanced power and value for high performance, mainstream and entry level applications at a similar or lower price than original 2nd generation processors.

Intel does an incredible job of continually offering products that exceed the competition from both performance and price perspectives,” said Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson. “We are very enthusiastic about this new product, as are our clients.”

The new processor features:

  • Peak Frequencies for High Performance Use: Two new Intel Xeon Gold 6200 processors deliver up to 4.5 GHz Intel Turbo Boost Technology, along with up to 3.9 GHz base frequency, with up to 33% more processor cache.
  • Enhanced Performance for Mainstream Use: New Intel Xeon Gold 6200R processors deliver built-in value through a combination of higher base and Intel Turbo Boost Technology frequencies (in addition to increased processor cache), at a similar or lower price than original 2nd generation processors.
  • Increased Value and Capability for Entry Use: New Intel Xeon Gold 6200U, Silver 4200R and Bronze 3200R processors deliver increased value for single-socket, entry, edge, networking and IoT applications.

Nor-Tech is an Intel HPC Data Center Specialist and Platinum Partner with the depth of engineering experience to develop HPC technology that allows clients to solve problems, complete research, develop prototypes and bring products to market faster than competitors. “We urge everyone to experience the incredible performance of Nor-Tech HPC technology integrated with Intel’s Cascade Lake Refresh processors,” Olson said.

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