OnScale joins Revolution in Simulation community

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Today OnScale announced their sponsorship of Revolution in Simulation, a collaborative community helping to increase the value of engineering simulation software investments through the democratization of simulation. OnScale is providing their expertise in CAE and funding to support the initiative. OnScale will participate as a moderator in the HPC topic as well as lead a new SME topical section coming soon at Rev-Sim.org on MultiPhysics Simulation.

As the developer of the first cloud-native engineering simulation platform and disruptive pay-as-you-simulate software distribution mechanism, OnScale welcomes initiatives such as Rev-Sim”, continues Dave Freed, CTO, OnScale. “Supporting the compute-intensive engineering simulation applications of the future is our goal and thanks to Rev-Sim, we will be able to maximize our collaboration efforts with other leaders in the CAE industry.”

The adoption of Digital Prototypes, Digital Twins, Simulated-Augmented AI/ML, Embedded IoT, and Simulation at the Edge by a wider user base of engineers is of paramount importance for sustaining innovation and global welfare. From Enterprise and SMB, to academia and consultant, OnScale provides engineers with immediate access, and on a pay-as-you-simulate basis, to computing power in the cloud, de facto democratizing simulation for the benefit of all.

“We are excited to welcome OnScale as our newest sponsor due to their work in advancing the accessibility, reliability, and affordability of performing simulation on challenging multi-physics problems that utilize cloud-based HPC.” – Rich McFall, Co-Founder of Rev-Sim.

Revolutions in Industry and Technology are driven by revolutions in engineering. From the abacus Roman engineers used to build aqueducts, to the early mainframe computers and pocket calculators NASA engineers used to land a man on the moon, to the desktop computers engineers use for simulation today – each revolution in engineering analysis forever altered the arc of history,” says Ian Campbell, CEO, OnScale. “Today, we stand at the frontier of another great revolution in engineering – the dawn of the Cloud Engineering Simulation era. At OnScale, we are incredibly excited and energized to be a part of this revolution, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds when every engineer around the world has access to cloud supercomputers powering simulation and Digital Prototyping & Verification.”

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