Podcast: AMD to Power New ECMWF Supercomputer for Weather Forecasting

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the new ECMWF supercomputer.

This new system will give them roughly 5x more compute power than their current system. The new box is an Atos BullSequana XH2000 fueled by high-end  7742 Epyc processors, which will be the most powerful weather computer in the world. During the conversation we look at the history of ECMWF vendors, discuss the implications on weather forecasts given the power of this new system and the computational difficulties inherent in weather prediction.

Other highlights:

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  1. Regarding ECMWF, they are not moving the headquarters. That remains in England, along with most all of the technical staff. They are moving to a new data centre, this really didn’t have anything to do with Brexit. Instead, this was part of an expected evaluation/competition about where the next generation data centre should be located. There were three finalists (including Iceland) and the winner is Bologna, Italy. There is an old cigarette factory next to the train station, with plenty of available electrical power. It’s being converted into a data centre.