Podcast: Preparing for HPC & AI Convergence in the Enterprise

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Dr. Rene Meyer from Amax

In this Intel Chip Chat podcast, Dr. Rene Meyer from Amax describes how enterprises are preparing for emerging workloads being fueled by the convergence of AI & HPC.

In this interview, Dr. Meyer discusses AMAX’s focus on appliances for storage, cloud, and hyper-scale integration. Dr. Meyer goes into more depth about why training in AI is now moving to deploying models at the edge, and why 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors can be a good fit for such tasks given their advancements in machine learning and security technologies. He also explores how the oil and gas industry is one of the driving forces behind AI and HPC convergence, and how Intel Optane DC persistent memory is improving storage options for in-memory databases.

Dr. Rene Meyer is VP of Technology at AMAX. He is a former research fellow and adjunct professor at Stanford University with multiple patents and published work in the space of emerging non-volatile memory technologies.

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