TMGcore selects Solvay’s Galden PFPE fluid for OTTO data center platform

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Today TMGcore announced it has partnered with Solvay to explore liquid immersion solutions for use in cooling data center platforms and servers. In addition, TMGcore’s latest data center platform that features two-phase liquid immersion cooling, OTTO, can now use Solvay’s Galden PFPE fluid.

Because of spatial and technological constraints, the data center industry has been limited in its growth potential. The two-phased liquid immersion cooling technology present in OTTO will move data centers closer to urban centers and significantly reduce environmental impact,” said John-David Enright, CEO of TMGcore. “Our collaboration with Solvay further enhances TMGcore’s ability to supply the market with its evolutionary technology. Their expertise in specialty fluid polymers brings new possibilities for the industry, while still reducing the impact.

TMGcore’s two-phased, liquid immersion cooling technology helps solve the challenges of rising operating costs and environmental impact currently facing the data center industry. A tenth of the size of a traditional data center, OTTO has ten times more processing power and can offer zero water usage

The two-phased liquid immersion cooling technology in OTTO uses Solvay’s Galden PFPE, a line of high-performance heat transfer fluids, to act as the cooling agent. Galden PFPE’s thermal stability over a wide range of operating temperatures, excellent dielectric properties, and chemical inertness allows OTTO to use zero water and reduce operational costs by nearly 80 percent.

We’re pleased that Galden PFPE is an integral part of TMGcore’s innovative immersion cooling technology,” said Fabio Riganti, Fluids Business Line Manager for Solvay. “We also look forward to exploring and bringing new solutions to market that will help make two-phase liquid immersion cooling successful in high-performance computing.”

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