Video: A Preview of SC20 in Atlanta

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Christine Cuicchi SC20 Chair from DoD HPC Modernization Program

In this video, SC20 General Chair Christine E. Cuicchi from the DoD Modernization Program previews the Supercomputing conference coming to Atlanta in November. With a theme of “More than HPC“, the conference takes place Nov. 15-20 in Atlanta.

“More Than HPC” is meant to evoke our view of the expanding impact of HPC on our daily lives, and the increasing degree to which scientific advances are the result of deep partnerships between HPC providers and science teams. From targeting disease mechanisms leading to more effective treatment, to creating the neural networks for driverless cars, to refining the vehicles that will take the general public into space, our impact is growing daily. It’s “More Than HPC” when we use machine learning and data analytics to improve the forecasting and tracking of natural disasters, bringing together previously unrelated disciplines to help keep natural disasters from becoming humanitarian catastrophes. It’s “More Than HPC” when we target disease mechanisms for more effective treatment by blending molecular dynamics, the latest advances in microbiology, and new approaches to scientific software. When we apply artificial intelligence to address socially relevant issues like poverty and homelessness, and learn how to grow more crops in a smaller space with less resources, we’re employing “More Than HPC” to find those answers.

Christine Cuicchi is director of the Navy Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center (Navy DSRC), operated by the Commander, Naval Oceanography and Meteorology Command (CNMOC). The center provides HPC, storage, networks, and computational expertise which are available to over 2,500 RDT&E, S&T, and acquisition professionals in the DoD. Prior to her current position, Cuicchi was the associate director for HPC Centers for the DoD HPCMP, responsible for managing five DSRCs with an annual RDT&E budget of $100M and a government and contractor workforce composed of approximately 350 people. She was also responsible for an annual HPC system acquisition process of $50- 60M. Cuicchi received both her bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and her master’s degree in Computational Engineering from Mississippi State University. In 2017 she received the U.S. Department of the Navy’s Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

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