XTREME-D Launches New HPC Infrastructure Services with Digital Realty

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Today Award-winning Japanese HPC Cloud company XTREME-D announced an agreement with San Francisco-based Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions. MC Digital Realty will supply 10kW racks from its Digital Osaka 2 facility to host XTREME-D’s flagship product, XTREME-Stargate. XTREME-D has also formed a strategic alliance with Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Ltd. to be a supply partner for the product.

XTREME-Stargate provides cloud access via a bare metal-based shared supercomputing service, allowing users to spin up HPC clusters in just a few minutes. This unique HPC cloud platform extends on-premise capacity to the cloud by providing the latest hardware, software, data sets, and professional services, allowing users to process containerized HPC and AI workloads immediately. Lenovo, which has an overwhelming track record in the global supercomputer market, will supply hardware such as the ThinkSystem SR630 (air cooling) and SD630 (high density liquid cooling), as well as technical cooperation for the XTREME-Stargate architecture design, and sales and marketing support for the product.

We warmly welcome the launch of XTREME-Stargate by Digital Realty and XTREME-D,” said Jon Robottom, President of Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Co., Ltd. “Powerful resources for the high-speed processing of data stored in house as well as big data stored in a multi-cloud environment will be provided in a high quality manner. I am convinced that it will greatly contribute to the industrial development of Japan, and we will work with XTREME-D to help our customers access HPC in Japan.”

As a first step in the Digital Realty collaboration, XTREME-D will launch its new HPC services using the company’s Osaka physical infrastructure to extend its own supercomputing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), starting in April 2020. Digital Realty operates two data centers in a connected campus that brings together critical data center, network, cloud, and connectivity providers under a single, highly secure environment. By utilizing Digital Realty infrastructure to provide colocation services, XTREME-D can now easily expand its resources as needed via flexible and stable provisioning of services.

XTREME-D chose Digital Realty as its supercomputing data center partner for two main reasons:

Digital Realty supplies an environment that enables high-density mounting and flexible power expansion for each rack, which is optimal for building a supercomputer infrastructure.

Use of Digital Realty’s data centers, which ensure uniform quality and safety in countries around the world, will standardize the quality and safety of XTREME-D’s services.

At XTREME-D, it is our mission to make high performance cloud computing access easy, fast, efficient, and economical for every customer,” said Naoki Shibata, Founder and CEO of XTREME-D Inc. “With their secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure offerings, Digital Realty is a trusted partner that will help us deliver on our mission.”

Mr. Yohei Ito, CMO, Corporate Planning and Business Development for MC Digital Realty Co., Ltd., which operates Digital Realty Data Center in Japan (a joint venture between U.S. Digital Realty and Mitsubishi), said,

We are very excited to see XTREME-D’s industry-leading supercomputer technology as a service running in our Osaka data center. We have configured our data centers as ‘connected campuses,’ and we are grateful to XTREME-D for choosing our facilities as the platform that will support their future digital growth.”

Each company expects the collaboration to create value for its business by connecting XTREME-D’s IaaS service with Digital Realty customers and partners located on the company’s data center campus. Both companies have a strategic focus on Asia Pacific and the United States as key core markets and expect to further collaborate on the development of industry-leading high performance supercomputing shared services.

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