Case Study: Magseis Fairfield Uses a Sea of Data to Support Environmentally Responsible Energy Exploration

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This whitepaper contains a compelling HPC data storage solution case study highlighting the use of Panasas ActiveStor® by Magseis Fairfield, a geophysics firm that specializes in providing seismic 3D and 4D data acquisition services to exploration and production (E&P) companies. The whitepaper, “Magseis Fairfield Uses a Sea of Data to Support Environmentally Responsible Energy Exploration,” highlights how using ActiveStor®, the Norway-based company delivers precision seismic data services to clients around the world.

Magseis Fairfield initially chose Panasas ActiveStor nearly 10 years ago to meet its shipboard data storage requirements for marine surveys. The company now runs several generations of Panasas storage technology throughout the enterprise. Together, these Panasas solutions provide 1600TB of storage that support a wide range of client projects.

Our storage solution must be robust enough to survive the offshore environment,” explains Garcia, who is responsible for overseeing, managing, organizing, and facilitating the data for shipboard scientists and ensuring data quality for clients. “This system is being accessed 24 hours a day. We require the flexibility to move equipment from one vessel to another and from one country to another. The storage system must be able to tolerate this type of constant handling. We have considered other solutions, but none offer the full complement of technology and remote support that Panasas does.”

With ActiveStor, Magseis Fairfield takes advantage of consistently high performance, no matter which applications, workloads, or users employ the solution. A single offshore acquisition consists of 80 to 100 personnel, including navigators, geophysicists, marine mammal observers, and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) pilots. Considering that staffing a vessel with a full crew can cost companies over $200,000 per day, an extended outage could cause a loss of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. A highly reliable storage solution reduces the risk of downtime.

Download the new case study courtesy of Panasas, “Magseis Fairfield Uses a Sea of Data to Support Environmentally Responsible Energy Exploration” to understand that by combining high performance with ease of use, Panasas reduces storage complexity in your data center by consolidating many different unstructured data workloads into a single scale-out ActiveStor solution.