Efficient AI Computing for the Planet

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Alesssandro Cremonesi from STMicroelectronics

In this keynote talk from the 2020 HiPEAC conference, Alesssandro Cremonesi from STMicroelectronics describes how artificial intelligence (AI) is the central nervous system of an increasingly connected world. He sets out both the benefits and potential pitfalls of AI, before arguing that AI now has to move beyond performance to efficiency in order to be sustainable.

AI can help to respond to many needs of the human kind, but AI computing has still some challenges to overcome to allow large scale applications. So far, AI developments have been focused on performances regardless of the computational power needed, reaching in some applications performances better than the human ones. Now it is time to focus on efficient computation. This means algorithms optimization to simplify computing, tools for network pruning, better distribution of computing from node to edge to cloud, introduction of new computing paradigms such as the neuromorphic one, better usage of the HW tools box in particular for the memory. Efficient AI computing will then spread from cloud, to gateway to end devices bringing lot of opportunities and challenges to our professional but also to our social life.

Alessandro Cremonesi is Group Vice President, General Manager of ST System Research and Applications. In this role, he manages the Company’s Labs dedicated to System Application and Innovation worldwide with responsibilities that span from corporate advanced R&D to system-solutions support for ST customers. After a period of research activity in opto-electronics at the University of Pavia, Italy, Cremonesi joined STMicroelectronics in 1984. He has served in different managerial roles, responsible for both Strategic Marketing and R&D activities across multiple domains from telecommunications and cellular to audio/video digital-signal processing and multimedia applications. Most recently, Cremonesi has also been active in supporting the Company’s extensive efforts and strategy in IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Cremonesi performs institutional and advisory roles with several industrial and academic bodies. He is member of the expert group supporting the Italian Ministry of Economic Development for the definition of the national strategy for Artificial Intelligence. He has authored several technical papers and patents and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at IMEC.

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