Manufacturing Engineers can turn to Cloud HPC for Work from Home

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In this special guest feature, Wolfgang Gentzsch from the UberCloud describes how engineers can perform work from home in the same way they do at their offices, while maintaining or even increasing productivity.

Wolfgang Gentzsch is President of The UberCloud

Maintaining business continuity during these unusual times is critical. This is certainly not easy for businesses which are based on intensive personal contacts with the public, for example, for restaurants and stores, and also for factories which rely on intensive personal contacts among their workers. But one large group of people is still in a relatively good position: those workers who mainly rely on themselves, most of the time; for example, software developers and product design and development engineers. In our short post, here, we are looking at how product development engineers – e.g. in manufacturing – are able to perform the same work they are used to perform at their office, maintaining (or even increasing) their productivity while working from home.

Key Technology for Working from Home

Cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, Azure, and Google partner with UberCloud which offers high-performance computing (HPC) software containers for engineering simulation workflows fully integrated with the cloud providers’ infrastructure. These HPC containers – a new generation of self-service, automated, dynamic remote desktops – are based on industry standards and can be accessed by users through their browsers, from anywhere in the world, including from the engineer’s company work place AND also from home. Thus, they are ideal remote desktops to make Work from Home as (or even more) efficient as work from the office!

Remote On-demand HPC Desktop for Simulations from Anywhere

In the following, we briefly present major Work from Home benefits of these remote HPC desktops:

  • They work for every engineer, and are fully secured with an SSL internet connection.
  • They can cope even with low bandwidth, through built-in GPU-accelerated 3D graphics.
  • They are fully interactive, with remote post processing, no need to download large files to laptops and to wait for hours to down- and up-load files.
  • With Work from Home, IT needs to open firewalls for engineers to check their licenses and access files; but UberCloud helps secure the enterprise.
  • Laptops at home are not designed for engineering work; but these remote desktops keep engineers’ productivity up!

With the integrated UberCloud solution, all an engineer needs is an internet connection to design, simulate, collaborate and produce simulation results from anywhere – even working from home – providing HPC capabilities for engineering simulations in a secure cloud environment.

Wolfgang Gentzsch is co-founder and president of UberCloud. As an industry executive consultant for high performance, technical and cloud computing, he previously was the Chairman of the Intl. ISC Cloud Conference Series, an Advisor to the EU projects DEISA and EUDAT, directed the German D-Grid Initiative, was a Director of the Open Grid Forum, Managing Director of the North Carolina Supercomputer Center (MCNC), and a member of the US President’s Council on Science & Technology PCAST. In the 90s Wolfgang founded several HPC companies, including Gridware (which developed the distributed resource management software Grid Engine) acquired by Sun where he became Sun’s Senior Director of Grid Computing.

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